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Let yourself be surprised by the taste of the Mediterranean

Here you order it, 

and in the room you will find it. 

Mediterraneo Italian Dry Gin is the gin of excellence for those who want
immerse yourself in the most authentic Mediterranean flavors
His ritual includes a shot for the sea and a cocktail for the sunset,  perfect for best tasting all the spices and colors of our sea
It is a London Dry Vapor Infused distilled, carefully tailored, in
discontinuous copper alembic on small quantities.
Its aromatic and gustatory profile is evocative of the scents of the lands lapped by this splendid sea, a classic recipe with a good accent of peppery and citrus notes softened by the softness of licorice and chamomile and enhanced by the touch of 5 spices that give the final aftertaste an Asian shade.
Mediterraneo Italian Dry Gin recalls the sea not only in the name, but also in the color that in an intriguing chromatic game, with the bottle with a studied design, gives to the memory the shades of the sky at twilight ready to shine in full day or dive into the sunset.
Ideal for Gin & Tonic, suggested Indian or Mediterranean tonic Ferver Tree Perfect for the most demanding palates for an unforgettable Martini Cocktail